Hei Hei’s Ugly Cousin

  • February 20, 2020 9:55 am
  • Jacksonville Area

I received a “pretty mixed breed” rooster recently and I’ve decided that description was not accurate. What I got was Hei Hei’s ugly looking cousin. He’s pretty high strung but not aggressive (he keeps a wide berth from anyone) and was admittedly, a Ayem Cerami mix (all black which is why his legs and beak are black). I’m not a fan of those. So, I’m ready to pull a coyote ugly move on this bird. Anyone? $5 and I don’t care WHAT happens as long as he gets the heck up on outta here with his ugly behind! 😂 My girls have not met this “pretty mixed breed” dude! So he’s still quarantined here.

Located in the Providence area- Union County. Lake Butler/Alachua/High Springs/Gainesville/Lake City vacinity.

  • Category : Other Livestock

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